Hope you are doing alright, Doll! Xoxo ~K

thnx !! i’m doing great & i hope u are too !!

Your new theme is really nice! ;)

thnx so much !!! :o)

I first thought you were kidding about his eyes and how they "sparkle". (well, typical fan/girlfriend talk) but I have looked through some pictures of him, especially close-up ones, and you're not kidding his eyes do "sparkle" ! And I'm pretty sure that it is not the light that is reflected into them, because the other members don't have the same effect even though they are standing right next to him, and Warren has this effect in nearly every picture. Do you have an idea why ?

i’ve definitely noticed this before !! it’s just his eyes, they really do “twinkle” & “sparkle” (。。) 

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