Anonymous asked: Kudos to you, Sam for calling out the Trans* bigotry. ~K

of course !! B-)

it bugs me when people use that word & my mom thinks that it’s just another way of saying someone is transgendered but it’s not, it’s called the “t-slur” for a reason
Anonymous asked: What do you think Warren would think of you if you met him?!

ooooo good question hm hm hm i would hope that he & i would hit it off well & he would think i’m rad but probably not nearly as rad as i think he is but i don’t know

Anonymous asked: Warren looks like a tranny

ha ha wow yr so funny !!!!! (-。-;

& nice use of the transgendered slur, you are the scum of the earth

Anonymous asked: Are there any rare RATT photos you've seen but haven't posted?

yes i don’t post every photo i find b/c some are too special to share & i like to keep them for myself